flexible flex‧i‧ble [ˈfleksbl] adjective
1. a person, plan etc that is flexible can change or be changed easily to suit any new situation:

• flexible investment opportunities

• More firms are offering flexible benefits (= extra money or other advantages that you can choose to receive as part of your job ) in an attempt to retain and attract key staff.

• We take a flexible approach to each client's requirements, and plan our strategy around their individual needs.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES if arrangements for work are flexible, employers can ask workers to do different jobs, work part-time rather than full-time, give them contracts for short periods of time etc. Flexible working also includes flexitime, Job-Sharing, and teleworking (= working at home):

• More employees are seeking flexible hours (= want to be able to choose the times they work ) or work-at-home deals.

• We were able to increase efficiency by adopting flexible manning arrangements.

• Some German companies have been moving production abroad to take advantage of more flexible working practices.

— flexibility noun [uncountable] :

• This new technology should lead to greater flexibility in the workplace.

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flexible UK US /ˈfleksɪbl/ adjective
a flexible person or company can work in different ways, at different times, or in different places when it is necessary: »

How can we encourage employees to be more flexible?

be flexible about sth »

Companies can now be more flexible about where they site their operations.


a flexible approach/attitude

something that is flexible can change or be changed according to the situation: »

The pay and benefits are good, and the hours are flexible.

a flexible mortgage/loan »

With a flexible mortgage you can pay more or less than your agreed monthly payment.


flexible work/jobs


a flexible pension

flexibility /ˌfleksɪˈbɪlɪti/ US  /-ətIi/ noun [U]

The job requires flexibility, but is very rewarding.

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